Visit Faunistic Park Le Cornelle in Bergamo

ENGLISH VERSION – Faunistic Park Le Cornelle in Bergamo

ENGLISH VERSION – Faunistic Park Le Cornelle in Bergamo. Zoo is not only for families and children. Discover this park in Valbrembo near Bergamo.

Do you think going to the zoo is an excursion for children? Who said that?! The Faunistic Park “Le Cornelle” of Valbrembo (Bergamo) can fascinate both young and old!

faunistic park le cornelle bergamo


Visit Faunistic Park Le Cornelle in Bergamo

The park is home to about 120 species of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles. In addition to the more traditional, but no less fascinating animals, you will discover the beautiful white tigers (the only ones in Italy), the white lion, the elephant and the snow leopard.

The park is very large and, within it, there are also two greenhouses where the visitor is catapulted into a parallel reality.


Information about Le Cornelle

To visit all the animals you will need at least 4 hours. But if you want to take things slowly the whole day (you will find several dining, and many picnic areas)!

The price full ticket for Le Cornelle is 12 € (reduced 10 €) but there is the possibility to do your purchase online saving € 1 per ticket. This option cannot be so favorable as it seems  because you have to select a specific visit date which cannot be afterwards modified.

For further information please refer to the website of the park:
Attached you can find the map of the park  in pdf: Piantina Parco Le Cornelle

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